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Základné dosky
Všetky tieto základné dosky sú vybavené najpokročilejším LED systémom na trhu. Aplikácia RGB Fusion sa môže pýšiť obrovským množstvom svetelných úprav, ktoré máte na dosah niekoľkých kliknutí myšou. Pre najnáročnejších používateľov je dostupný pokročilý režim, v ktorom si môžu upraviť svetlo pre každú zónu úplne nezávisle. ... Viac
AORUS, a premium gaming brand stemmed from GIGABYTE, delivers a full spectrum of gaming products ranging from GeForce® GTX series gaming laptops for VR, gaming motherboards, gaming graphics cards, mechanical gaming keyboards, to gaming mice offering the most extreme gaming experiences. ... Viac
GIGABYTE Professional Motherboards, part of GIGABYTE’s award-winning Ultra Durable lineup, embrace a range of exclusive technologies that guarantee our customers the absolute best protection for their PC, such as built-in features that prevent common malfunctions users encounter on a day-to-day basis. ... Viac
Support for Thunderbolt™ 3 on the GIGABYTE GA-Z170X-Gaming G1, GA-Z170X-Gaming GT, GA-Z170X-Gaming 7 motherboards opens up a world of new possibilities thanks to the increased bandwidth that it provides. Users can download the updated firmware today to enable support on their motherboard. ... Viac
GIGABYTE has been working closely with the Microsoft® WHQL certification team for the forthcoming Windows 10 operating system, ensuring the absolute smoothest transition in terms of driver and BIOS support, to ensure that GIGABYTE motherboards offer the absolute best experience for Microsoft Windows 10 and its exciting new features. ... Viac
GIGABYTE 100 series motherboards support the latest 6th Generation Intel® Core™ processors, a 14nm desktop CPU which features improved performance, power efficiency and support for DDR4 memory, bringing cutting edge features and ultimate performance to your next PC build. ... Viac
By being first to incorporate industry leading audio, LAN and graphics technologies directly onto the motherboard and providing the highest quality hardware and software to allow gamers to tweak their system performance to the highest levels, GIGABYTE G1™ motherboards are designed for gamers that aren’t satisfied with second best. ... Viac
GIGABYTE X99 Champion Series Motherboards, over 30 Top Scores and counting... Including 10 WORLD RECORDS.
 ... Viac
GIGABYTE X99 Series Motherboards ... Viac
GIGABYTE Latest 9 Series Software Utilities ... Viac
GIGABYTE Black Edition motherboards undergo an extra 168 hours (7 days) of stress testing before shipment to ensure premium quality for our customers. ... Viac
GIGABYTE G1 motherboards deliver top-notch features that can give gamers the winning edge and deliver a much more realistic and immersive gaming environment than even the latest game consoles. ... Viac
Following the success of the GIGABYTE Z87X-OC motherboard, the #1 most overclocked motherboard on in 2013, GIGABYTE has unleashed 2 new Z97 based overclocking motherboards, the Z97X-SOC FORCE and Z97X-SOC. With a host of unique OC features and bleeding-edge hardware design, GIGABYTE 9 series overclocking motherboards will allow even novice users to Overclock Like a Pro. ... Viac
GIGABYTE 9 Series motherboards support the latest 4th & 5th Generation Intel® Core™ processors, bringing together a unique blend of features and technologies that offer the absolute ultimate platform for your next PC build.
Including the latest transfer technologies including SATA Express and M.2, exclusive high- end audio features, advanced Gaming networking and device charging, gold plated hardware connectors and of course, killer good looks, GIGABYTE 9 series motherboards are in a class of their own. ... Viac
GIGABYTE Gaming Motherboard! Game it, Live it. ... Viac
Build Your Own All-in-One PC with GIGABYTE Thin Mini-ITX Motherboards ... Viac
The latest Intel 8 Series platform offers significant improvements in performance and power consumption with the latest 4th generation Intel® Core™ processors and Intel® B85 chipsets. As well as a boost in overall productivity, the latest HD4600 Intel® processor graphics provide native 4K resolution playback over standard HDMI connectivity, with significantly higher frame rates in the latest DX11 3D game titles. ... Viac
The latest Intel 8 Series platform offers significant improvements in performance and power consumption with the latest 4th generation Intel® Core™ processors and Intel® Z87, H87, Q87 and B85 chipsets. As well as a boost in overall productivity, the latest HD4600 Intel® processor graphics provide native 4K resolution playback over standard HDMI connectivity, with significantly higher frame rates in the latest DX11 3D game titles. ... Viac
GIGABYTE 8 Series G1-Killer motherboards are packed with absolutely everything you’ll need to build an uncompromising, high-performance gaming PC. Loaded with advanced audio technologies, dual networking, maxed out multi-card gaming support, advanced cooling and looks that could kill, GIGABYTE G1-Killer motherboards are the ultimate choice for serious PC gamers ... Viac
GIGABYTE 8 series motherboards debut a number of exclusive new and improved features that are designed specifically to help enthusiasts and overclockers not only get the most performance from their hardware, but also the absolute most enjoyable OC experience. ... Viac
You’ve heard about the grand opening of GIGABYTE’s new OC Lab but there was one key ingredient missing, extreme overclockers and thousands of litres of LN2. GIGABYTE invited our first official group of overclockers into our lab, and some impressive world records were broken. ... Viac
GIGABYTE Ultra Durable™ 5 Motherboards Over 200 Professional Media Awards and Counting. ... Viac
GIGABYTE Thin Mini-ITX motherboards are designed to revolutionize the DIY PC industry, offering DIY users the opportunity to build their own All-in-One PC. All-in-One PCs are becoming a very popular choice for many of today’s consumers, offering a space-saving, more integrated PC experience that doesn’t compromise on performance and features ... Viac
GIGABYTE is the only vendor to offer motherboards with Dual Thunderbolt™ ports from the time that the new high-speed data technology was released to the retail motherboard market. As such, these motherboards are also the first to offer native support for 4K resolution displays using Intel™ processor graphics, without requiring a high-end discrete GPU solution. ... Viac
GIGABYTE HD series motherboards bringing dual digital displays to the Value motherboard segment. By adding both HDMI and DVI ports to a range of motherboard models at affordable price points, all DIY enthusiasts can enjoy true HD display capability using the most commonly integrated digital output technologies on today's HD displays and TVs. ... Viac
The latest GIGABYTE FM2 series motherboards bring to life the improved performance and feature set of the latest AMD FM2 socket APUs. Packing the latest A85X chipset and support the new AMD A10 APUs, GIGABYTE FM2 series motherboards deliver an enhanced visual experience that includes triple digital display support with AMD Eyefinity and impressive DX11® 3D gaming. ... Viac
GIGABYTE 7 series Mini-ITX motherboards are possibly the most connected Mini-ITX boards ever, with a range of connectivity options that include Dual HDMI ports and Dual Gigabit LAN, plus an onboard WiFi/Bluetooth module that includes Intel® Wireless Display 2.0 technology. ... Viac
GIGABYTE has unleashed its latest flagship Z77X-UP7 Motherboard. Designed for extreme overclocking, the GIGABYTE Z77X-UP7 motherboard is for serious overclockers looking to take down world records. Currently the Intel® Core™ i7 CPU world record holder at 7.102GHz, the GIGABYTE Z77X-UP7 is this year’s overclocking motherboard to beat. ... Viac
GIGABYTE has been working closely with the Microsoft® WHQL certification team for the forthcoming Windows 8 operating system, ensuring the absolute smoothest transition in terms of driver and BIOS support, to ensure that GIGABYTE motherboards offer the absolute best experience for Microsoft Windows 8 and its exciting new features. ... Viac
GIGABYTE is yet again raising the bar of motherboard quality and durability with their latest Ultra Durable™ 5 technology, featuring a range of High Current Capable components that provide the highest quality power delivery to the CPU for record-breaking performance, cool and efficient operation and extended motherboard lifespan. ... Viac
Office and Home IT Management Made Easy ... Viac
Nová platforma Intel® Z77 obsahuje množstvo technologických vylepšení oproti predchádzajúcim platformám, vďaka ktorým je technicky najkompletnejšia a najatraktívnejšia platforma na dnešnom trhu. ... Viac
GIGABYTE X79 series motherboards are designed to unite unrivalled desktop PC performance with a new level of flexibility and hardware control. Based on the latest Intel® X79 Express Chipset, supporting the new LGA 2011 Intel® Core™ i7 processors, GIGABYTE X79 series motherboards bring DIY builders to a new level of performance-oriented computing ... Viac
GIGABYTE has developed LAN Optimizer. GIGABYTE LAN Optimizer is designed to allow the user to manage different types of network traffic so that data streams such as HD media, web browsing or online gaming can be prioritized, taking precedence over large data downloads that tend to strangle overall network bandwidth. ... Viac
"The GA-A75M-UD2H shoots for overkill"
"The Z68XP-UD3 firmly targets performance fanatics" ... Viac
New GIGABYTE Ultra Durable™ 4 Classic Motherboards ... Viac
GIGABYTE A series motherboards bring together a range of exciting technologies and features for the first time on mainstream motherboard platforms, harnessing the ground breaking graphics and multimedia performance of AMD A-Series APUs (Accelerated Processing Units), the first integrated AMD processors to feature both GPU and CPU on one silicon die. ... Viac
GIGABYTE Super4™ motherboards are the latest range of next-generation desktop motherboards based on the Intel® H61 Express Chipset with support for 2nd generation 'Sandy Bridge' Intel® Core™ CPUs. Not only delivering Intel’s industry-leading performance and advanced integrated graphics capabilities, GIGABYTE Super4™ motherboards are equipped with a comprehensive range of unique features that offer mainstream PC users the most compelling platform on the market today. ... Viac
GIGABYTE officially announced the latest EZ Smart Response utility that allows users to install Intel® Smart Response Technology with the click of a mouse, even if their system is set to IDE mode, without having to reinstall their Windows operating system. ... Viac
Bulldoze Your Way to Performance
With 8 Processor Cores and 4-Way Graphics
 ... Viac
Delivering the very best the Intel 6 series chipsets have to offer, including a 4X performance boost with the Intel® Smart Response Technology as well as a host of unique GIGABYTE features like innovative GIGABYTE Touch BIOS™ technology, GIGABYTE Z68 series motherboards put users in the driver seat, allowing them to take total control over how their system operates and performs to best match their individual computing needs. ... Viac
Ovládanie BIOSu nebolo nikdy jednoduchšie ... Viac
Vybaví 32-bitové systémy bez hybridnej technológie EFI možnosťou používať nealokovaný priestor na nových pevných diskoch 3TB+ ... Viac
Enabling Support for AMD Next Generation CPUs for Current AMD 800/700 Series Chipset Motherboards. ... Viac
Choosing your next motherboard should never be a complicated process. That is why GIGABYTE has launched "The Right Choice" campaign. While different motherboards offer their own unique feature sets, GIGABYTE believes there are certain features that all motherboards should have, regardless of the price of the motherboard. So, in 2011, GIGABYTE has standardized these features across our entire range of motherboards, enabling our customers to experience a much richer computing experience, and at the same time, getting more value out of their motherboard purchase. ... Viac
GIGABYTE X58A-OC webpage ... Viac
Totally New B3 Motherboards Feature Revised B3 Stepping Chipset, Motherboard, Logo, Retail Box Design, and Model Numbers ... Viac
Get ready for a mind blowing media experience when you upgrade to a GIGABYTE 6-series motherboard. Every component on GIGABYTE 6-series motherboards is designed and engineered to deliver exceptional performance and clarity for your computing needs. Powered by the Intel® 6-series chipset with support for 2nd Generation Intel®  Core™ processors, these motherboards enjoy uniquely developed technologies such as Dual CPU Power Technology and Ultra Durable 3™ design, that ensure a reliable and enjoyable computing experience ... Viac
Dear friends, thanks for your participation of GIGABYTE Online Questionnaire event, we appreciate for your feedback and looking forward to provide better services to you in the future ... Viac
Taktiež sa vám niekedy stalo, že ste zmazali súbor, a za týždeň ste zistili, že ho potrebujete? Alebo ste zistili, že váš systém je po napadnutí počítačovým vírusom poškodený? S aplikáciou GIGABYTE Smart Recovery 2 sa už nikdy nebudete musieť báť, že prídete o dôležité digitálne súbory, vrátane systémových súborov. Aplikácia GIGABYTE Smart Recovery 2 automaticky ukladá aktuálne kópie systémových nastavení, aplikácií, dokumentov, fotografií, hudobných súborov a videí na vašom PC. Ak to bude niekedy potrebné, môžete sa jednoducho vrátiť v čase a obnoviť presne tú položku, ktorú potrebujete. ... Viac
GIGABYTE H55N-USB3 mini-ITX motherboard is not just simply a mini-ITX motherboard; it provides the features and performance usually associated with full size ATX motherboard. Powered by the Intel® H55 chipset the H55N-USB3 motherboard supports the latest Intel® Core™ i7, Core™ i5 and Core™ i3 processors featuring integrated graphics-on-chip (Core™ i5 and Core™ i3 processors only). ... Viac
Quality Innovation
GIGABYTE Ultra Durable Motherboards With 2x Copper PCBs. ... Viac
GIGABYTE's 3x USB Power Boost is designed to deliver the utmost compatibility and stability for USB devices – such as external storage solutions or optical drives – by supplying sufficient power through a single USB port. This helps freeing up USB ports to allow for more USB devices to be connected to the same motherboard.
The well known Japanese publication ASCII used a GA-P55A-UD3R motherboard for its 3x USB Power experiment.
The remarkable results show that GIGABYTE 3x USB Power allows you to connect a wide range of different USB devices without suffering from power supply problem to any of the peripherals. ... Viac
Cloud OC je úplne nová aplikácia, ktorá umožňuje pretaktovanie Vášho systému cez LAN, bezdrôtový LAN alebo Bluetooth s akýmkožvek zariadením schopným prehliadania cez Internet. Mnohé funkcie Cloud OC možno kategorizova do troch záložiek: Tuner, Systémové informácie a Ovládanie. Záložka Tuner poskytuje plný rozsah možností tweakingu, ktoré zahŕňajú CPU, pamä, VGA a frekvencie a napätia PCI-E. ... Viac
GIGABYTE Hotkey OC využíva výhodu používatežsky prispôsobených profilov, ktoré sa ukladajú pomocou aplikácie GIGABYTE EasyTune 6. Profily sa ukladajú vo Vami zvolenom pamäovom mieste tak, ako keď ukladáte akýkožvek súbor alebo dokument na svojom PC. Navyše máte možnos zdieža svoje profily s priatežmi, takže pretaktovacie tímy nemusia by prítomné na rovnakom mieste pri „spoločnom“ benchingu. ... Viac
Zatiaľ čo konkurencia hľadala nové spôsoby, ako znížiť výrobné náklady, spoločnosť GIGABYTE sa viac venovala zvyšovaniu kvality a trvanlivosti základných dosiek pre svojich zákazníkov. ... Viac

Napájanie je kľúčom k odblokovaniu "skutočného" výkonu, a nikde to nie je zjavnejšie než pri jedinečnom systéme napájania, špeciálne navrhnutého a skonštruovaného pre dosku GIGABYTE GA-X58A-UD9. Doska GIGABYTE GA-X58A-UD9, vybavená autorizovanou technológiou GIGABYTE Unlocked Power s úplne novou 24-fázovou konštrukciou, poskytuje maximálnu dodávku napájania pre najnovšie 6-jadrové CPU firmy Intel, ako aj pre budúce CPU firmy Intel s výnimočným výkonom, zabezpečujúcimi najvyššiu stabilitu systému a jeho pretaktovateľnosť.

 ... Viac
Najnovsie zakladne dosky GIGABYTE su vybavene technologiou ON/OFF Charge, ktora vam umozni nielen nabijat vase zariadenie iPhone, iPad alebo iPod Touch, ale umozni ho nabijat rychlo technologiou Quick Charge. Ako pridany bonus je moznost dobijat zariadenie dokonca i pri vypnutom PC, takze i ked ho zabudnete zapojit do nabijacky po synchronizacii vasej hudby, bude v pripade potreby uplne nabite. ... Viac
X-Fi Xtreme Fidelity is the new audio standard from Creative that makes your music and movies sound way better than before. X-Fi technology breathes life into songs, restoring the detail and expanding the music to surround sound. ... Viac
Leader in Motherboard Innovation ... Viac
GIGABYTE Ultra Durable™ 3 Motherboard
GIGABYTE's innovation again leads the motherboard industry with the introduction of the revolutionary Ultra Durable 3 technology. With 2 ounces of copper for each of the Power and Ground layers, Ultra Durable 3 is able to deliver dramatically lower system temperature, improved energy efficiency and enhanced stability for overclocking. ... Viac
Unikátne 24fázové napájanie VRM navrhnuté spoločnosťou GIGABYTE dodáva procesoru vďaka dokonale precízne kalibrovaným súčiastkam energiu úplne plynulo. Podobne ako vysoko výkonný motor športového automobilu, aj 24fázová architektúra napájania od spoločnosti GIGABYTE nepretržite zaisťuje optimálny príkon energie, ktorý uspokojí extrémne nároky vášho systému. Používatelia zameraní na maximálny výkon majú k dispozícii ojedinelú možnosť pretaktovania, ktorá im spolu s veľmi nízkou mierou zahrievania dovolí využívať výkon počítača až na doraz. ... Viac
Aplikácia GIGABYTE Smart 6™ bola navrhnutá s ohladom na pohodlie pouzívatela a prináša kombináciu šiestich novátorských softwarových utilít, ktoré umoznujú lahšie a rozumnejšie spravovat fungovanie systému PC. Smart 6™ umoznuje zrýchlit prevádzku systému, skrátit cas jeho zavedenia, spravovat bezpecnú platformu a obnovit predchádzajúce nastavenia systému jednoduchým kliknutím na tlacidlo myši. ... Viac
Growing a small or medium business in today's uncertain economic climate can be challenging. That is why GIGABYTE has partnered with Intel to provide SMBs with industry leading technologies to help them improve productivity, security and better manage their PCs to reduce costs. As the worldwide motherboard leader for quality, innovative products, service and support, GIGABYTE provides a complete line of boards purpose-built for SMBs. No matter what challenges your business faces, GIGABYTE has the right solution tailor made for you. ... Viac
Record Breaking Performance ... Viac

GIGABYTE 333 Onboard Acceleration základní desky nastavují nový standard v high-performance computingu začleněním nejmodernějších technologií pro vysokorychlostní přenos dat. Základní desky GIGABYTE 333 Onboard Acceleration, opět dokazují přední místo spol. GIGABYTE v oblasti inovací základních desek, nabízí bezkonkurenční výkon díky onboard integraci nejnovějších SuperSpeed USB 3.0 technologií od spol. NEC, SATA Revision 3.0 (6 Gb/s) technologií od spol. Marvell a trojnásobné zvýšení výkonu USB pro nejnáročnější zařízení USB. Také nabízejí několik unikátních technologií spol. GIGABYTE včetně Ultra Durable™ 3, AutoGreen, DES2 a GIGABYTE Smart 6m, která obsahuje kombinaci 6 inovativních SW utilit pro jednodušší a chytřejší správu výkonu, napájení a bezpečnosti PC systémů.

 ... Viac
The ErP (Energy-related Products) Directive is part of the European Union’s new environment regulations concerning the increased proliferation of electronic devices and the impact these devices are having on the environment. The goal of the ErP is to set new energy efficiency standards to reduce the energy consumption and other negative environmental impacts that occur during the product’s life cycle. ... Viac
Pripravte sa na výnimočný herný a Hi-Def multimediálny zážitok zo zábavy s úplne novými základnými doskami GIGABYTE série 800. S podporou najnovších 6-jadrových procesorov AMD Phenom™ II X6, natívneho integrovaného rozhrania pre ukladanie dát SATA 6G (prostredníctvom čipovej sady SB850) a s podporou ATI CrossFireX/ Hybrid CrossFireX, základné dosky GIGABYTE série 800 ponúkajú bezkonkurenčnú výkonnosť pri spracovaní, vysokorýchlostný prenos dát a podporu multigrafiky, čo prináša úplne nový zážitok z používania počítača. ... Viac
Wondering what to get your tech loving friends this holiday season? Why not surprise them with the latest GIGABYTE 333 onboard acceleration motherboard? While it probably won’t fit in a stocking, it will make any PC enthusiast leap for joy! ... Viac
USB 3.0 PCI Express Card ... Viac
The first motherboard featuring the AMD 890GX chipset paired with the all new SB850 South Bridge, the GIGABYTE GA-890GPA-UD3H offers the industry's first native support for Serial ATA 6Gbps for up to 6 devices. ... Viac
Vychutnajte si novy svet zabavy Hi-Def multimedii a prenos dat SuperSpeed s uplne novymi zakladnymi doskami GIGABYTE H55/H57.. Podporujuc najnovsie procesory Intel® Core™ i3, Core™ i5 a Core™ i7 v patici LGA 1156, ktore su vybavene prvym priemyselne vyrabanym on-die integrovanym grafickym procesorom, zakladne dosky GIGABYTE radu H55/H57 poskytuju vynimocne prehravanie s vysokym rozlisenim ktore nedosahovali skorsie riesenia integrovanej grafiky. ... Viac
Nadšenie, ktoré zažijete z používania základnej dosky GIGABYTE série 7, vlajkovej lode firmy, je výsledkom mimoriadne starostlivého inžinierstva. GIGABYTE nastavil latku pre základné dosky série 7 vysoko, čo Vám umožní dostať sa ďaleko za hranice aj tých najvýnimočnejších úrovní výkonnosti. ... Viac

Základné dosky GIGABYTE USB 3.0 vytyčujú nový štandard vysokovýkonnej výpočtovej techniky začlenením úplne najnovších technológií vysokorýchlostného prenosu dát. Základné dosky GIGABYTE USB 3.0 opäť raz dokazujú, že sú vedúcim prvkom v inovácii základných dosiek a poskytujú bezkonkurenčný výkon s integráciou najnovších technológií SuperSpeed USB 3.0 of NEC Electronics priamo na doske.

 ... Viac
GIGABYTE Ultra Durable™ 3 series motherboards once again lead the motherboard industry for the highest quality and most innovative motherboard design. Featuring the industry's first consumer desktop motherboard design to introduce 2 ounces of copper for both the Power and Ground layers, GIGABYTE Ultra Durable™ 3 motherboards deliver dramatically lower system temperature, improved energy efficiency and enhanced stability for overclocking. ... Viac
The whole BIOS updating procedure should be treated with extreme caution. If you do not encounter any system instability or bugs with the current BIOS version, we suggest that you keep it. If you determine to flash BIOS, you are taking a personal risk of BIOS flash failure. ... Viac