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Corporate Social Responsibility


GIGABYTE has followed the spirit of good corporate governance for many years and has a deep appreciation of the symbiotic relationship between business and society. We are therefore not only responsible to our shareholders but also all to our stakeholders. These include shareholders, customers, employees, suppliers, investors, communities, governments as well as non-government or non-profit organizations. We analyze GIGABYTE's responsibility to each stakeholder and utilize different methods of communication to show the stakeholders our sincerity and determination to seek continued improvement. Additionally, we also carry out practical analysis of stakeholder feedback to understand their level of interest in key recent issues. The information is used as a reference during the company's decision-making in order to build up consensus with internal and external stakeholders.

Stakeholder GIGABYTE's Role and Responsibility Method of Communication
Government • Obey the law
• Pay tax
• Consult during legislative process
• Support awareness events
• Participate in the relevant trade associations and platforms to build a mechanism for conversing with that industry
• Participate in public hearings on relevant legislation
• Provide resources and support promotional efforts as required
Customer • Provide high quality products and services
• Improve customer satisfaction
• Work with the customer to achieve environmental and social responsibility targets
• Conduct customer satisfaction surveys
• Host technology seminars and information sessions
• Cooperate with the customer on environmental and social responsibility surveys and improvements
Employee • Provide a good work environment
• Provide reasonable remuneration
• Provide career development and training
• Protect basic human rights
• Provide the employee communication e-mail box
• Provide employees with a message board
• Organize regular employee health exams
• Provide internal and external training
Pre investorov • Provide accurate information in a timely manner
• Provide appropriate return on investment
• Host general shareholders' meetings and institutional investor conferences on a regular basis
• Publish annual report
• Host communication meetings as necessary
Supplier • Offer reasonable transaction price
• Help them understand CSR methods
• Provide the necessary assistance for implementing green procurement and CSR
• Provide electronic communications platform
• Organize suppliers' conferences
• Provide consultations on green procurement guidelines
Community • Prevent environmental and work safety accidents
• Provide employment opportunities
• Respect local culture and customs
• Participate in regional charity activities
• Provide communications platform
• Examine environmental pollution indicators regularly
• Define disaster response plan
• Set up foundation to help organize related activities
Non-Profit Organization • Respond to issues of interest
• Participate in relevant charity and environmental protection activities
• Set up GIGABYTE Education Foundation
• Set up communications platform
• Participate in related organizations and forums
• Support related activities