Spoločnosť GIGABYTE

From the Chairman

This year marks the 26th anniversary for the founding of GIGABYTE.
After a quarter of a century, what had once been a small
company with capital of NT$700,000 has through gradual
development and a willingness to innovate become an
enterprise with annual revenues in excess of NT$40 billion.
In 2011, GIGABYTE was named as one of "Asia's Top 100
Tech Companies", "Taiwan's Top 100 Tech Companies"
and "Taiwan's Top 100 Brands." With a brand valued
at over US$106 million GIGABYTE has now established
itself firmly in the world through high quality ”Made in Taiwan”
products and become a global innovator in motherboard and graphics card products.

We have not neglected to give back to the community either. In keeping with the spirit of "Concerns about the Society and Fulfilling the Obligations" as a corporate citizen, we have made a longstanding commitment to social participation and humanitarian concern. In 2012, The GIGABYTE Education Foundation was even honored with the "Ministry of Education 2011 Social Education and Charity Award". In the future, we will continue to promote technology education, innovation education, industrial design, arts & culture, social welfare and community activities.

Last year, GIGABYTE launched the "Green Action Plan" for organizing activities that emphasize the importance of conservation, carbon reduction and environment protection. Through the activities, employees' environmental awareness as well as the knowledge, attitudes and skills required for environmental protection can be enhanced and incorporated into their work and everyday life. The Green Action Plan represents the new GIGABYTE Green Action culture, promotes the concept of green design to all employees, creates new value from green products and pursues sustainable corporation and environment development. Our commitment to environmental protection is rooted in a belief that everyone must have the right attitude and do things right from the very beginning. Support from sustainable corporation development measures should come from the heart and be put into action.

2011 has been a very challenging year in business due to global economic uncertainty over the European debt crisis as well as the effects of extreme weather caused by global warming. We must now not only closely monitor changes in international trends but also take into account climate-related threats to the global supply chain in our strategic thinking. GIGABYTE believes that "Sustainability" will be the most important issue this century. We are therefore working to incorporate this concept into our innovative R&D and business strategy. Through the information disclosed in this report, we hereby declare to all stakeholders that GIGABYTE will not be found wanting when it comes to building a sustainable society.